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Satisfaction Speaks for Itself

We are extremely proud of the all the wonderful, positive feedback we receive from our customers. This is why we love what we do.

“theCobra is the greatest innovation in racing communications.”

Gunnar Jeannette Professional Race Car Driver
LeMans, Grand Am, Daytona

“In a sport that every second counts, clear communication can be the deciding factor. On the track our drivers, engineers, and mechanics only use theCobra microphone because sometimes not hearing a race engine is a great thing.”

CS Racing Team

“I wanted to write to you personally and tell you how much we enjoy using the Bone Conduction Boom headsets we purchased from your company. These amazing headsets allow for a much safer working atmosphere while the aircraft maintenance teams are performing engine running cargo off/on load functions. The headset permits constant communication with personnel during all phase of the launch and recovery of aircraft, no matter how loud the conditions are. This incredible feature provides us with the ability to warn each other of unsafe condition or problem in real time.

These remarkable headsets allow for constant radio monitoring. The Bone Conduction Boom headsets shape and design allows for wear of your helmet or ear defenders and/or ear plugs and still communicate with minimal background noise. With the Bone Conduction Boom headsets you are able to hear radio information over the sound of loud equipment or aircraft engines. This can be extremely useful in a war environment where you may not be able to hear the base loud speakers system warning you of attack. With Bone Conduction Boom headsets you will be able to hear information immediately, which could save your life and of those around you.

I look forward to using Bone Conduction Boom headsets every time I deploy!”

Curtis A. Berge SMSgt, USAF
McGuire AFB NJ

“During our tactical range evolutions, our shooters were able to respond to radio communications with each other and with the range instructors. The overall response was that they worked great. The advantage for the instructors to talk to each other during a course of fire was amazing, especially when critical evolutions were being performed. The instructors commented that even though they had no reason to stop or alert one another if a safety concern arose, they knew they could communicate above the gun fire if need be. The enhanced communications between instructors can only be viewed as an enhancement of overall range safety and performance, and the fact that officers can communicate during gun fire (even with hearing protection on) is a definite asset.”

Senior Security Personnel at Nuclear Power Plant

“I drive a Roush Mustang convertible and until I acquired my theBoom headset was unable to hear or be heard while driving due to the excessive vehicle and wind noise. It was difficult to talk whether the top was up or down.

Since I received my headset from your company, I have been able to talk in every imaginable circumstance, including top down, wind in my hair. Your headset works so well that I am no longer a Bluetooth guy. In fact, I finally retired my Bluetooth headset when I repeatedly found myself walking to my car to trade my Bluetooth headset for my theBoom headset for the sake of better call clarity by far. Now, I don't even bother with the Bluetooth.

In most circumstances, my callers don't believe I am not in a quiet office and I have to unplug the headset to demonstrate the actual noisy circumstances I am in. My ability to hear clearly and, most importantly, be heard clearly by my valued clients has put the finishing touch on my mobile warrior tool kit. Thank you so much for your fine product. I could not function without it! Sincerely,”

Tom Waters Sacramento, CA

“I can drive as fast as want with windows and top down and speak and listen to my clients and they think I'm in my office. Thank you for the freedom to drive my car in the sunshine! All the Best,”

Richard Brannon El Dorado Ranch, the Affordable Paradise in Baja California

“It's the only thing I can use in my Sebring convertible and consistently be heard when I have the top down.”

Bill Whittington Arlington, VA

“I truly love this product, as it has enabled me to conduct business with clients in my car without being concerned about noise -- even with the top down! because I am often driving somewhere, this makes a big difference.”

Jay L. Pomerantz Latham & Watkins LLP
Menlo Park, CA

“Tony Bruno, Host of The Tony Bruno Show on SportingNews Radio used theBoom Quiet in the Super Bowl XL Media Center. There are two suspended walkways above with hundreds of Excited Fans looking down into the Media Center cheering, whistling and cat-calling constantly, but that doesn't bother Tony while he is live on-the-air! Then there are two that show me working the morning show and the Bradshaw/JB interview as I mentioned. The last ones are the best shots with me, theBoom and other stars! We were there for 10 days and used theBoom O and theBoom Quiet constantly!

Personally, I was thrilled to have such a clean sounding, elegant tool to hand to my on-air talent when special needs arose. The Boom Quiet was a perfect fit in the constant roar that surrounded Super Bowl XL. If you are going to use a cell phone for broadcasting, the Boom is the only way to go!”

Dean Field Director of Network Engineering
SportingNews Radio Network

“Thank you for sending out a new earpiece for my “Boom”. This product is so awesome; I've been lost without it.

In today's world where good quality customer service is not the number one priority anymore, you are a breath of fresh air. You have a great product and back it up with helpful employees. I don't send out notes to commend good service as often as I should but I had to let you know how much I appreciate your product and service. Thank you very much.”

Lee K. Barrett President/Broker
Century 21 Barrett & Co., Inc.

“As a realtor you can imagine the unpredictable times you might get a call from a client or prospective buyer. Unwanted background noise is very distracting and unprofessional. The boom truly and significantly reduces all background noise so the person you're speaking with only hears your voice. It's a must have phone accessory for the car, restaurant, home office or any noisy environment.”

Frank Soda Realtor
Sunshine Realty, Sausalito

“Several of my employees have used theBoom and loved it. We wanted to our customers to feel like they were calling a person not a loud run of the mill call center. This product was a great solution for us.”

David Sobel National Sales Manager
Home Warranty of America

“theBoom headset is the BEST headset I ever purchased... BAR NONE!

I make a lot of long distance calls around the world. It took me a while to find the right combination of service provider and cell phone model to get the best clarity. Then, finally came the headset. theBoom headset sound quality and clarity was head and shoulders above ANYTHING else! I tested the noise cancellation performance of this unit . First I called an international phone number (using the headset). Then, when I confirmed with the other person the connection, sound quality, and clarity. I then disconnected the headset and talked directly into my cell phone... 2 inches from a revving city bus engine. The result? Completely incoherent!

Then I re-connected theBoom headset back onto my cell phone... still only 2 inches from the same revving city bus engine, and voila! Complete & clear comprehension!

I'm SOLD on this unit after this personal test, and am recommending it to all my friends who want only the best.”

Sandro Taurer von Gallenstein Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I have received my theBoom Quiet and am totally pleased with what I have found. After reading a couple of the reviews about it available on your website prior to purchasing it, I was looking forward to trying it for myself. The reason I specifically looked for a product like this in the first place is because I am an over-the-road truck driver and I have found that the motor and road noise in my cab while operating at highway speed has been a serious interference with my cell phone communications. I often talk with my wife and daughters, as well as my dispatcher and other people at my company. I have been continually frustrated, and so have they, by our inability to talk over the noise.

The first test I have done with my theBoom Quiet was to get on my very noisy riding lawnmower out in my yard and call my wife. She and I could hear each other perfectly over the noise. Then I tried whispering to her and she could still hear me as if I were in the quietest of places. I was amazed. From this simple test I am quite sure that the same results will happen when I get back in my truck this week. I am looking forward to sharing this technology with the others that I talk to and hearing their reactions.

Also would like to add that your service in my purchase of the product was excellent too, which I appreciated very much. The package arrived on time with the special adapter needed for my Nokia 6102i cell phone, and all the other accessories that were included, and the overall quality of the product was obvious at first sight. Thank you very much,”

Thayne Logan Franklin, IL

“I just received my theBoom microphone and tried it out for about two hours with my Dragon Naturally Speaking software version 9. I had been using both the standard microphone that came with the software and my top-of-the-line hello direct wireless headset and although they worked quite well I can already tell that my accuracy will be far improved with the ability to speak quite softly which was not at all possible with the other microphones. I'm very critical of anything I get and to have something this pleasing is all I can say 'so sweet'. Since I'm going to be dictating extensively for the news on my website the time saved makes this a very cheap investment. Sincerely yours, Thank you,”

Gary Sevakis Leland MI
Webmaster, engineer, computer builder etc.

“I have tried many headsets before theBoom and had never got used to any one of them, as none of them were worth using or even worth buying.”

Charles Johnson Nashville, TN

“theBoom is the most incredible headset I have ever used. People have told me they cannot believe I am talking on a cell phone. The sound is also extremely clear and I must turn down the volume on my cell phone. Thanks this is a great product.”

Mark St. Louis, MO

“I use my cell everywhere - airports, busy streets, b-games and milling rooms. theBoom beats those microprocessor based noise cancellations hands down. theBoom is a welcome product enabling better customer service by mobile reps.”

Jonathan, HI

“I have been enthusiastically impressed by The Boom since I bought one last year. Since then, whenever I meet a fellow 'power' cellphone user, I immediately whip out the Boom and provide an "ear hands on demonstration. Great product!”

Steven Dane, MD New York, NY

“I wanted to convey how pleased I am with this product. I live an work in New York City. As you can imagine, it is often quite noisy on the street. Using this headset, I can carry on critical phone calls, never raise my voice and I can hear and be heard. After learning that I could depend on this new headset, I gave away about $550 worth of failed experiments in blue tooth headsets that neither provided the required noise cancellation nor sufficient volume. Thank you.”

John Sabasteanski New York, NY

“Just wanted to let you know of a personal story. I was impressed with your demonstrations online; but my actual usage of theBoom led to the desire to send this note. I am a Realtor from Indianapolis who was fortunate to attend the IndyCar Grand Prix race at St Petersburg, Florida. The race was a blast; but your technology combined with my PocketPC led to a sale by the time the checkered flag dropped (actually it was just as the white flag was shown). It was really loud; but I could hear my client and he could hear me. I was able to structure a net proceeds chart with Excel, e-mail it to him, discuss it and communicate the decision back to the other agent, both by phone and e-mail. It was great. Thanks.”

Brad Osborne Century 21 Realty Group I
Indianapolis, IN

“It was good talking with you today. I must tell you one of the things I love best about theBoom is that clients can never tell where I am. Jane I could be on the golf course with the wind blowing, people talking around me and all the clients hear is my voice. In fact last week I was out on my boat when I got a call from a customer and they thought I was in my office. It is a great product!!”

Robert A. Canzano Sr. Acme Printing Co.
30 Industrial Way
Wilmington, MA

“theBoom is a terrific product, the only one in the price range that deals with a very important on cell phones, ambient background noise that encroaches in many of the places where I make calls. Noteworthy, inside my car as the wind noise is relentless.

I have been told by one of out clients that that background noise has to go. Since using the Boom, not a single complaint from the client!

I don't know of a single colleague, friend, or family member who doesn't need this device - and indeed I am recommending theBoom - not least so I can hear them. Best luck with your great product.”

Jerry Faucher Long Island, New York

“Over the past two years I have purchased more than a dozen commercial headsets trying to find one that works well for me in the environments that I often find myself in. theBoom E is the most fantastic headset I have ever used. I use it regularly in crowded meeting halls, Starbucks coffee shops, heavy equipment yards and airports. It is flawless. I can literally be standing within 25 feet of a very large heavy equipment truck operating as loud as it can, complete with constant back up sirens and honking and the party on the other end only hears what I am saying, even if I am talking very very quietly. It is everything and more that you said it would be.”

Leonard Steinberg Principal
Creative Alliance Group LLC
Encinitas, CA

“The sound quality on these headsets is fantastic. I routinely participate in conference calls on my cell phone and have had many colleagues booted from the call because of noise. I've never once had to drop out since I got this headset.”

George Wu Newport Beach, CA

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