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The World's Best Noise Canceling Headsets

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The World's Best Headsets

Unique, Patented Noise Canceling Technology

We are the solution for all your high noise communication needs. All theBoom headsets use the same unique, patented noise-canceling microphone technology originally developed for Wall Street and literally battle tested every day with the US Military.

All of our products offer the same high quality and unparalleled clarity for just about any consumer or industry application.

theBoom noise Canceling microphone technology was specially designed for stock traders on the high noise environment of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor. While most people have never been on a trading floor, it is safe to assume that one can imagine the extreme loudness it can be there.

From that success it was natural for us to design a high quality noise Canceling headset for everyone to use. theBoom noise canceling headset gives you unparalleled clarity on calls in any noise level -- from quiet to extremely loud. No other noise Canceling headset on the market can give you the freedom to make calls anywhere at any time and be heard clearly.

In addition to Wall Street, the Boom technology has been applied in other high noise environments like: aviation headsets, warehousing, nuclear power plants, professional racing, and call centers. the Boom has won numerous accolades for being best noise Canceling headset, cellular phone headset, computer headset, and aviation headset in the world. theBoom is the only headset that will work in a convertible with the top down, so you can literally whisper and be heard

The Best Hands Free Headset

The Clearest Calls for Any Mobile Phone

iPhonestheBoom headsets are perfect for your iPhone and any smartphone!

theBoom noise Canceling headset attaches to most cellular phones, office phones, and computers interchangeably -- making it even more versatile than any other headset available today.

Have trouble being understood, or reception issues with your mobile phone? Try theBoom C, theBoom O, or theBoom E!

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Our Clients

  • CMS Group
  • Credit Suisse
  • Entegy
  • Globalstar
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Life Lock
  • Sky Connect
  • TXU Energy
  • UBS
  • Vocera Communications


“Thank you for sending out a new earpiece for my “Boom”. This product is so awesome; I've been lost without it.

In today's world where good quality customer service is not the number one priority anymore, you are a breath of fresh air. You have a great product and back it up with helpful employees. I don't send out notes to commend good service as often as I should but I had to let you know how much I appreciate your product and service. Thank you very much.”

Lee K. Barrett President/Broker
Century 21 Barrett & Co., Inc.

“I truly love this product, as it has enabled me to conduct business with clients in my car without being concerned about noise -- even with the top down! because I am often driving somewhere, this makes a big difference.”

Jay L. Pomerantz Latham & Watkins LLP
Menlo Park, CA

Personally, I was thrilled to have such a clean sounding, elegant tool to hand to my on-air talent when special needs arose. The Boom Quiet was a perfect fit in the constant roar that surrounded Super Bowl XL. If you are going to use a cell phone for broadcasting, the Boom is the only way to go!”

Dean Field Director of Network Engineering
SportingNews Radio Network
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